Large family of cable and wire markers type MZ ® offered by our company makes it easy to select just the right product for your specific needs. Markers size MZ-4 and/or MZ-5 are very well suited for larger cable sizes and wire harnesses. Individual wires and smaller diameter lines could be marked using sizes MZ-0 and/or MZ-1.
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Cable ties of various lengths with threaded on cable markers are often used when more elaborate information is required, such as:

- cable type,

- owner info,

- reference,

- installation info and more.



Choosing one of our quality products you always get:

- long lasting, abrasion resistant imprint,

- excellent thermal and environmental durability

confirmed by certification BBJ-SEP

and European Standard IEC compliance,

- self extinguishing properties,

- wide range of colours (11) offered,

- mounting stability,

- continuous temperature range -30 oC to +80 oC.


Our wire markers were tested and/or certified by::

- Biuro Badawcze Jakości - SEP - Certificate of Conformance,

- BBJ-SEP - Certificate of Conformance to IEC European

Standard 60.227,

- Centrum Techniki Okrętowej Gdańsk - Certificate,

- Energoprojekt Poznań - Certificate,

- Polski Rejestr Statków - Certificate,

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Oznaczniki typu MZ



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